SEO Company in Egypt

What is SEO & What is SEO Service?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, after we fully finished your website design & development, there is one more important service for your website. It is to make your clients find your website on the search engines easy and on the first page of search results.

SEO Service with one of the Best SEO Service Agency in Egypt, our professional SEO team will start to gather more information about your business to offer you a wonderful SEO strategy and plan on a long term basis, and to be ranked on the top result when client search by your service name or product name. By the next process of an SEO plan, Tech Village will be able to make your business on the top ranking of search engine results such as Google, Bing, and more.

SEO Process in Tech Village Company

Before we start our SEO process you have to provide us with very important information about your Company, Services or Products, the target audience, the target country or location and more to start the following process:

Opportunity Keyword

  • We have to be more realistic on our research for your business opportunity keyword on the market, Because Google, Bing and all the search engines are adding a tons of stuff to the search result.


while finishing our in-depth research and the audit of SEO. now it is the time to develop and implement what we are created and custom seo and linking plan with strategy to achieve our target to make your business at the top ranking.

#1 ranking on google

Google First Page

After we finished our research about your opportunity keyword. Now it is the time to check and see what is working for that keywords, to guarantee your first rank on the search result

SEO - Monitoring


The time for tracking and monitoring our work to check how is what we did working and how is your website working on the search engines when your client use the keywords we used for your business on daily basis

Content creation service

Different Content

when we start the seo content process we have to create something different and better to make your business archived on the search engines with a unique and fresh content matching your opportunity keyword.

SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

You are with us step by step of our work, here you have a full access for our reports, to make you updated so you can see how is your website working on the search engine. also we are always hearing for your comments.

How to guarantee the quality of our SEO teamwork for your business?

Here are a very important tools we are using to guarantee our work and the best result for your business with our Professional team:


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