Web Designers vs. Web Developers - What's the difference?

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People are always confusing these 2 terms, and some even think they are interchangeable! Big mistake! Web designers and web developers are both involved in building websites, but at different stages, and each with a different set of skills and roles.

So .. What is the difference?

Web Designers Vs. Web Developers

Web Designers

create the layout of the website using front-end technologies like HTML - CSS – Javascript.

They’re responsible for creating the visual element of the website. Site pages have to be functional and responsive, in order to be viewed on any device with no problems , using balanced colors and a suitable font with proper font size.

For designers, user experience is their number one priority. They use styles that targeted visitors want to see, they know what the website needs to keep users happy and engaged, and more likely to visit again. For example, they are knowledgeable in making a website easy to navigate and easy to read. We designers have to stay up to date with the latest design trends and colors in order to remain successful at catching visitors attention.

After successfully building the website interface, they hand it over to the web developers.

Web Developers

To complete the process of building the website, web developers take the site design and make it into a fully functioning website that’s connected to a database and hosted on a server . They use programming languages like PHP, ASP.net etc.

They are also responsible for making the website dynamic and interactive for users, applying features like account registration, online payments, shopping carts, by controlling server-side data.

Back-end developer work is not seen by users , their codes are in servers and databases.

Web Designer Vs. Web Developer: Conclusion

In brief, web designers and web developers have to work together! The web designer creates a great look while web developers build the core structure of the website. Both are needed to make a great website!

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