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The Main Objective of Your Content Strategy in 2015 Diversity should be the key to your content strategy in 2015. Last year, content marketing made huge strides, causing businesses to change their online marketing strategies. In particular, just about every company revived their blog and even kept it active. Well in 2015, we expect other types of content
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Content Marketing: Total Ownership Vs. Customer Involvement The balance between total ownership of their message and customer involvement is something businesses struggle with regarding content marketing. Although marketing teams want to be in charge of their content, they also have to find ways to engage followers. Consider how this can lead to a disconnect on social media.
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3 Tips for Using White Papers as a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy First of all, why use a white paper as part of a business content marketing strategy? Simple! Lead generation. A white paper is an authoritative report giving information or proposals regarding a particular topic or issue. Oftentimes, it takes awhile for

Content Strategy and Bounce Rate

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Content Strategy and Bounce Rate Your bounce rate is the percentage of who that leave your website without clicking on multiple pages. If ten people visit your homepage, and four of them leave without clicking on any of your other web pages or refreshing the page, that means you have a 40% bounce rate. If


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