Dr. Aly Raafat

  • He taught in the Department of Architectural Engineering, Cairo University, without interruption since his graduation in 1949 till higher studies mission in 1952.

  • Since his return in 1957 till today, he delivers lectures on theories and history of architecture for the four undergraduate years. He supervised architectural design studio.

  • His sixty years of teaching, he formed schools in the theories and history of architecture with the aid of his assistants and students and through his books that are taught in many colleges and institutes of Egypt, Arab and foreign countries. He also supervised hundreds of theses and contributed in Arbitration Commissions.

  • He  participated in national  permanent scientific committees and Promotion Committee of the professors and assistant professors at the level of the Republic.

  • He acted as chairman of the Council of Department of Architecture, years 1988 and 1989.

    Inter Consult is an Architectural, Engineering Design, and construction Management firm

    Since established in Cairo 1949 by Dr. Aly Raafat , Professor of Architecture, Cairo University, extended to Jeddah 1960,

    Riyadh 1973, Dubai 1974, Sharjah 1975, Bahrain 1976 and Abu-Dhabi 1977.

    We provide quality full architectural & engineering services through our talented architectsengineers and our experienced consultants.

    Our primary Goal is to help our client achieving their goals by introducing innovative techniques and efficient design that reduce theconstruction time and cost.

    Our Key mission is to help our clients achieving both functional and aesthetic results.

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