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A & M is the owner of Bauunternehmen Kortmann which has been established on 1837 in Lunen and Dortmund – Germany

At A & M Developments Egypt, We Continuously Strive For Excellence. We Maintain Our Successful Track Record By Retaining The Industry Most Talented Professionals. la vinuela

We Are Driven By A Well-Defined Set Of Core Values, Including Excellence And Innovation. By Our Industry, Clients And Others. la vinuela

At A & M, we seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result. A & M’s architects and interior design professionals have helped shape the world around us, from high-rise buildings that form city skylines, to educational, cultural, research and transportation facilities that enable our way of life and future.Problem solves by nature, we serve clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision. We believe that capital investments in facilities should be aligned with measurable, sustainable business benefits, and our portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Sustainable is synonymous with good design, and principles of environmental awareness are fundamental to our design culture and integral to every discipline. For each building type, our design process is based on energy efficient building systems, appropriate selection of materials and form to maximize environmental conditions and long term performance. la vinuela

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Creating innovative and practical building engineering designs, our experts ensure that every project meets and exceeds the expectation of clients and building users. la vinuela

Combining local market knowledge with technical expertise, our multidisciplinary approach to building design is informed by the client’s needs and business case to produce cost-effective,  la vinuela functional, inspiring solutions.We are known internationally for our creative, sustainable and holistic design approaches which, from the outset, embraces low-carbon and economic operational performance. Our professionals around the world strive to delivery visionary buildings that maximize naturally occurring energy and minimize waste. From creation to completion and beyond, we help clients reach the optimum potential every project.Collaborating across a wide range of building design skills, and sharing knowledge and a passion for a sustainable built environment through our international network of offices, Building Engineering at A & M creates designs that work for today and tomorrow.

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